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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Eira : Si Traveloger


nk tiru trademark harry, 
'notice the tittle?'

apesal tulisan lain??
ke x?

sokey, ignore it

anyway, notice the title??
Eira si Traveloger
yes, ak seorng student 
wpun dh 22 thn, but still student
bl0m grad, still diploma
proud to be one
proud to be who i am~

still depend my allowance on my parents
yet i just loves to travel . with them giving me allowance, I collect and save them well
used it to travel ~
when did i start to REALLY like to travel?

since i'm a little kid, my parents like to take me and my sister to places
spent time
bonding session
i was still little yet i manage to go to places and experience a lot of things
thanks to them
they're the ones that taught me knowing places

the time when i really started to like to travel is when i began studying at UiTMSI
i study in diploma estate management / property management
this course needed me to go to places
different places
i found out that Perak got so many interesting places and I believe other places have it too
so, i started to go to places outside of Perak on my own
without my family, with friends

my major travel achievement is going to Japan on my own
without my family, with my friends
from there, i noticed my friends are not only taking pictures but they also record some moments
with their handphones and cameras
 these actions make me feel wanting to do some travelog
not to show off to others about my traveling being - high noses
but, to share with everyone about the wonders in the world that the God created.

like a say;
"go on a journey, see God's creation and share it to the rest of the world"

it's sunnah

i've been wanting to travel overseas since i envied my friends
well, most of them are from a very well-being family
so, they're capable of it
my family is well for being able to live
we're not rich or anything, we're just grateful for who, what and how we are now

after i came back from Japan, i began asking, inviting, suggesting for travel
since after the travel, i made many more friends - same people that went to Japan as well
it was awesome

i am honestly envied them
those that travel overseas -  on their own , without their family
where the hell did they get that much money??

i logically thinks that, maybe i should postpone the desire to travel overseas
I'm no capable
my parents still worried about me wherever i go
they loves us (me and along)  more unusually too much unlike other parents

so i thought, maybe i should try to travel inside of malaysia first
like harry said, conquer the whole malaysia first
so, i ended up strolling and investigating interesting places in malaysia.
bucket list full!!

i even found some hidden gems in malaysia
hidden gems?
the hidden 'pearls' (gems) in malaysia~

as the result, i'll try to conquer all of it first before i start thinking about traveling overseas
let's just call this as an exercise/warming up

wish me luck guys!
i'll update my vlog to u guys~

do visit my youtube channel for the sneak peak of my vlog


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Eira's Japanese Class : Free Admission


for this entry, as mentioned in the title, this entry will be about my Japanese class
did eira went to a japanese class?
(its too expensive)
rather learning it by myself ..huhuh

today, i'll hold a japanese class for everyone! yeay!
sila berikan tepukan!!

krik krik

anyway, most of my friends already know this fact, i love Japan!
I love Jdorama, Jpop, Anime..everything about Japan
since when?

now, my age exceed the total of my fingers already.
(old folks alert)

whenever i go, I'll always blurted out japanese words. randomly. meaningfully.
i never swear in japan
except for using 'kuso!'
dan sewaktu dgnnya..kekeke

mcm mna bley blajar japan sndiri?
since i was little, i got introduce to a japan drama entitle Gokusen by my aunt. 
and everything started there, i googled the actors and actress from the drama and find out one of the hero is a singer. 
Matsumoto Jun from Arashi
from there, i began to listen to Jpop.
began to remember the lyrics and so on
watch anime online as the ones on the TV - lambat sgt nk habis
so, tros tgk smpai habis online..
learned that most (ALL) of my fav anime are from Japan
learned that anime is from Japan!
absurb! but its the truth.

so, i watch every anime in Japanese language with english subs
i learned Japan and English at the same time
good right?

  like i said in old entry, i went to japan (2016, April)
there, i talk in Japan which surprised my friends.
me too, am surprise! lol
i never thought i could speak in japan with japanese
and they understand my words
it was awesome and thrilling
almost like speaking in english with a foreigner and everyone look up at u

my friends did record me talking in japan but, they had to delete it since their memories are full and they wanna take pictures along the trip

recently, i went to KL and met a few japanese there. 
for such a long time i havent talk in japan with japanese before, i did it again

even just a little
it can be more day by day
if i keep on learning

my english ended up being left behind..
grammar and vocab..urghh
did i just... makin teruk in english?

so, if there anyone out there want some more tips from me in learning english and japan, do comment~
or email me via

here is a video of me speaking in japan
its not good 
and its not to the category of 'worst' too
insyaAllah ..
with english translation, i present you the video..

i was too bored waiting and accompanying my aunt working so, i did a vlog of myself in her car..
being extra bored made me do some japan class alone
i just blurted out everything that came to my mind..

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Eira dan Raya

its raya tyme!!
how do you find my previous entry?
do u like the video?

last vid n entry is about our talks in Ramadhan.
if u want to know how i spent my raya this year, i'll tell you

for first raya, dsbbkan kami jrg beraya first dkat kelantan due to msing2 dh kawen n first raya, beraya dgn second family, kitorng slalu beraya kt kg sebelah my mom
this year, kami beraya kt trganu as usual, utk raya first
sbb third eid, kazen kitorng kawen so tk0t bz dan xsmoat balik trganu beraya

like always, on first raya, went to the relatives bouses
beraya la
duit raya?
dpt la jak, fmily kitorng jnis, slagi xkerja, slagi tu dpt duit raya
tp, bgantung la, atas usaha msing2 cri kerja..
klau y mnganggur tu, fhm2 la..
xkn nk mnx duit raya gk, xmalu ke. 

on second raya, me n dad went back home frst leaving my mom n sister at trganu
i went with my dad to help my cousin's family with some preparations
we did
 ptg tu, mom n sis arrived from trganu

third raya, kenduri
akad nikah n bersanding
balik awl from the kenduri, tros p beraya rumah sedara sebelah klntn lak
4th raya, bz tlg utk next day, mjlis bertandang
tlg siapkan goodies, plamin DIY
all gathered. 
work together
family jauh smer balik gathered
bonding tyme
loving it

5th raya
majlis bertandang

nothing much to tell
so enjoy je la the vid below


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Eira and Ramadhan Empty Talk

hye guys
I've been making a lot of VLog recently
but, i havent got any chances to upload them anywhere. 
i wanted to upload them on utube but my sister forbid me to do so..
in the end, i got nowhere else to upload
so, i ended up uploading it here. 
the video is about me and my sister where on our way back from her campus
in Ramadhan
and we were talking about what food we want to eat for iftar after that
seems like we got bored by the common food we always have for iftar and wanted something different than usual. 

we even saw some people in the next door's cars. 
there are soo many interesting people around , LOL
we talked and hear the songs played by the radio,
lots of Raya songs, indeed. 
this video showed the real US when we're together 
it also showed how we spent while we're on the drive. 
we always joked around .

so, do enjoy the video below >_<

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Eira, Seventeen and resolution

Ogenki desuka?
Atashi wa genki desu. 

Notice the title? hee..
seventeen will be coming to Malaysia this september. 
at first mmg ase nk p..
mmg kompom nk p

sblom raya, mcm2 plan. itu ini
kumpul duit bagai
got myself BongBongie and Chibi Bongbongie
even got myself CaratBong
semangat kan? heee

raya, berdebar tgu hrga tket release. tk0t xmmpu la kononnya
yela, tk0t mahal
svt kan, popular, rmai lak tu..

lpas raya bbrapa hari, hrga tket p0wn release. 
okay, mmpu.. berbaloi
bley byr
bley p
tp, something terdetik dlm hati

xtaw knp ttba rasa xsdap hati
klau gtaw umie abah, kompom diorng xkasi g..so, nk p diam2??
tgh pkir lak alasan nk turun KL tu.. kne la alasan y munasabah, 
alasan y umie abah akn trime
tu first msalah ..
second, lpas pkir alasan y bley dtrime umie abah, 
tlintas lak tarikh tu, bt0l2 dkat dgn tarikh ak ms0k intern. 
9/9/2017 concert svt 
a week before that, ak kt perak..
hbiskan sisa baki semester last
disbbkan bru je balik dr perak, umie abah kompom xkasi ak ke KL
yela, bru je balik dr perak, nk merantau dh. mmg xla

klau jd, ak balik umah dlu then naik flight ke KL, 
8/9 fly, 9/9 cncrt, 10/9 fly balik, 11/9 intern
packed gler..

ak tpkir jgak, knp ttba mcm byk je halangan ni
tlintas lak xnk p
knp kter bley tfikir akn the second choice?
klau kter nekad dgn kputusan first, knp kter bley tlintas dgn second choice?
ada something ke?
tfikir lak sal duit etc, 
kewangan skrng sgt pnting doe
study, kerja, nk kumpul duit for future planning lg..etc

klau nk p concrt tu, baik bli tket vip tros. puas hati tros
so, ak cancel la niat ak utk ke cncrt tu
nk nangis tu yeah, sbb ak fanatic diorng. I am a Carat
ye, ak mngaku. ak syg diorng..kwn kan
mesti la syg
ak smpai ada rasa nk nangis xdpt p cncrt tu taww

ak jnis nk something, ak akn usahakn smpai dpt
tp, kter as mnusia biasa y pnjm hrta Allah ni, kne la taw erti mngalah jgak
erti back down..
org y bt0l2 knal ak je taw ak mcm mna dan akn taw sbb sbnar knp ak cancel p
yela, ak bkn jnis y back down on my words.
kta nk p then xjd lak..ye, ak bkn jnis mcm tu

tp, ak xsnggup
xsnggup nk p cncrt tu behind my parents back
wang byk tu hbis mcm tu je behind their back
kos study ak byk gna duit
ak lak bt simpanan pnting utk msa dpn ak
bg ak, next tyme je la ak p, bli tket vvip tr0s
skali p p0wn jd la..
ms0k dlm bucket list ak

pnting nya bucket list ni, xsmestinya kter kne bt smer..
bucket list ni, klau tercapai, Alhamdulillah
klau x, xde rezeki..ada la ketentuanNya
cuma kter ni usaha stakat mmpu je

lgpun, ak dh nk intern. ak rasa berkat xde klau ak p cncrt tu bt0l2 sbl0m ak ms0k intern
its not proper
nk dpt kan duit tu, sng ke?
ye, ak bkn jnis mnx duit parents.
elaun p0wn diorng xkasi slagi x mnta..
ak dua bradik cri duit sndiri..ssh
ktorng wpun berdua, xsmestinya dpt je apa y kter nk
byk y xdpt
abah umie ajr erti, 

mybe kitorng knal erti 'susah' lpas tgk kesenangan org k0wt

bestnya diorng, dpt bilik sndiri drpd kcik, berhias..ada tema
bestnya, papa dy sponsor trip tu skali utk kwn2 rpat dy
bestnya, g travel oversea je

lpas tgk kesenangan org ni la, ase taw erti ssh..
 sng kan?


one day
it'll be better 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Eira and writing, novels, journals

hi minna!!
its been a while right?

I'm currently on a long term break for this semester. 
so, I got works to do. 
I wont be able to enjoy the holiday much since there are so many plans made. 

what plan?
hi mit su

btw, since I'm chasing the time, so..
I'll just cut the chase, kay?
here, I'm going to promote to you guys about my new works!
you've read 'StarHeart'? 
thats my latest novel
I've post it on
my other website for writing other than wattpad. 
Well, i did posted it on wattpad too
but , those StarHeart version in both wattpad and wordpress arent the final version
the final version are getting ready to be publish
do wish me luck , okay!!

so, here, i would like to announce another news!

I've post another online novel
via wordpress
you may find my works on

the new novel , entitle,
Mienai Hime
Invisible Princess

I kind of got the ideas for this novel from a certain occasssion
not the plot
the story telling ways
do rate it and comment
and promote it to anyone else too
thank you so much

get back to you guys some other time
love ya!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Eira in Broga


 haa.. lama xjmpa kan?
bknnya jmpaa, tp, dgr berita.. ke cmner
sorry la, cik eir jrg update blog skarang
asal buka je xtaw nk tulis apa..
 asal ttup je, berlambak lak idea y mai.. adeh
cik eira busy dgn assngmnt byk ni
final year la katakan
nk buat acanor

entry kali ni?
cik eir nk citer skit sal bru2 ni cik eir p hiking ..
sempena birthday cik eir ke......(tutt)
hiking ke mana?
nnt cik eir gtaw

sebenarnya, rancangan ni , cik eryn y suggest..
katanya nk lepak sempenan birthday ak..
(wpun dy xde gtaw cenggitu, tp ak bley agk)

so, pergi la kami ke KL
me n syahir
utk hiking,
smpai kt TBS at about, kul 4/5 ptg gk la..
merempat jap tgu shidah dtg pickup
bdk tu dr Singapore, ad kerja..
jmpa eryn kt TBS
shidah lak xdpt dhubungi, 
dpt2 je, dy cm lmbt lg nk smpai ambk kitorng, 
so kitorng p lepak MidValley kjap
'xpe, syahir ad jd bodyguide'

lepak, dlm 1pg.. shidah pick.. 
lama x? 
lama kan? tgu bdk tu dtg pick up.. adehhla..mereput
balik ke umah msing2 n me with eryn tduq umah shidah
xtdur p0wn, rehat ja..sbb kul 3 pg kuar p pick up syahir n encik fizie

drive, dr umah fizie.. about 1hour duration. smpai la bkt y dtuju
Bkt Broga

kitorng p lpas dgr briter org hilang kt ctu
rmai kata 'brani nya korng' 
well, tawakkal

insyaAllah xde pape

kitorng hiking awal pg sbb nk kejar sunrise..
hiking dlm gelap, lead by me n syahir
bertemankan lampu suluh, lampu hp je
sejuk tu, agak la..kurang sjuk

smpai je, dlm 15-30 min for sunrise..
penat.. yes
mencabar .. agak yes
sbnarnya msa naik kurang mncabar , cuma penat
and tinggi memanjat skit
huhu.. tiba je kt atas, ak nmpk lampu2 bndar..seronok ak
tros lompat2 ke puncak
its a breathtaking view

dduk jap semntara tgu y lain smpai
ambk nafas lega.. Alhamdulillah
kt cni ak sertakan gmbr masa nk sunrise..

  y ini plak, ak mnx tlg shidah jd model ak.. talent ak. ..

masa ni, sunrise bru je nk jd.. heee

detik sunrise tiba... heee..
kter tgk bertapa rise nya ciptaanNya ni... nyaman..

haaa.. ini la...tyme gelap
sebenarnya, xgelap, tp sbb blakngt tu cerah, gelap la jdnya
tp, gmbr ni nmpk cool kan? heee..

ni la sunrise y kitorng tgk live tu
first tyme bg ak tgk bnda alah ni atas bkt..tmbah2 lpas penat lelah hiking..
wuishh. mncabar
dhla gelap..scary
tp, tgk 'dia' ni muncul... lega sgt.. to be able to stay alive until now..
Alhamdulillah, lg..

 yang ni lak, ak mnx tlg eryn jd model ak..model xbbayar.. heee
bley lak dy gna shawl dy .. ala2 dilwali.. yolah ehh
xpe, asalkan ak dpt shoot and scoop yang best.. thanks babe..
much love~

 kaki ni? ni kaki shidah..
sajew ak post skali sbb nk nmpkkan sikit rupa atas puncak tu.. berbatu..
so, hikers akn dtg, nk hiking broga kne hati2..tkot terpeleot..sbb ad byk batu kt cni
kne hati2..
ak dh kne.. sbb angin.. kt puncak ni angin kuat taw, sbb atas bukit, jd angin putar dan pusing terjadi..
with the pasir2 bertiup..msok mata..hbisla..

another save the last for the best shoot
ni dh cerah!!
ce teka msa ni pkul brp?
i think, its about 8-9am ..
lawa kan
the blue sky
misi ak lpas ni, hiking lak
nikmat y Allah kasi

berakhirlah adventure hiking broga cik eir n kwn2
sempena ulang thn kelahiran pd 14Feb2017 yang lalu
tp, pergi awal skit..
sbb 14hrbln tu cik eir ad trip fakulti.. heee
dpt jgak la mkn mknnan sdap on that
wpun xde celeb .. (T_T)
tp xpe, cik eir balik umah nnt cik eir tuntut kek dgn umie abah n along..

thanks kpd kwn2, family, kenalan
smer y wish birthday
thanks sgt kt crew y mnjayakan hiking broga ni
siap nyanyi atas puncak tu kt ak..
malu babe!

kwn mmg penting
bila berjauhan dgn family ni
kwn mmg sgt penting
sbb tu cik eir syg kwn cik eir.. 

anugerah y Tuhan bg kt cik eir sbb cik eir jauh dgn family n trime hakikat ni, 

see you all soon
till next time..