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Monday, June 4, 2018

Eira and her updates~

hai dear HeartStars~~
Watashi wa genki desu~~

Ohashiburi desu ne~

I'm almost done with my first semester in degree of Creative Photomedia~
final is next 3 weeks

how was it? so far so good
and I got far now~

its hard , but its normal
learning isnt easy
theres nothing easy in this world.
if it does, how can we taught ourselves to get stronger by the time?

its almost Raya too
baju raya? i dont know
i leave everything to my sister and mom

to tell you the truth, i can feel the pressure and stress well here in degree with this major compare to the last major during diploma
is it because of the level? diploma n degree?
i think so
but, what i 98% sure is, major with assessment sure is hard

u know, what i see around me nowadays are,
i see people are moving toward the different paths already
everyone got their own plans
i see my schoolmates leaving me behind, found their future and belongings 
while i am still searching and learning more
yet, they already find the place they belonged
envied them

i trust HIM

i'm always updating my wordpress nowadays
 short stories combining my real stories and make up ones

i am actually very sleepy right now
dont know what to do
a second, i remember what i want to do then another second, i forgot

i just cant wait to end my first semester
also, i will convo this october
i dont really feel like going
i dont even feel like convocation
along will convo in october as well
i just hope we wont clash in dates
but, i do hope that we can both have photoshoot in our robes~
it would be sweetly awesome

dear HeartStars~
do you think the world nowadays are going to get better?
will you be better?
have a better life?
will the world gets harder?

its just, the future is sooo obvious yet so complicated
get what i mean?

i really cant wait to start my own journey where i can gain income to support both my parents and sister
its a long term goal for me

pray for the best

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Eira and her Degree Life

its been a while, right?
finally got the time and mood to update my blog

well, lets just start

before my Diploma ends, I've been asking opinion from my friends,
whether should I change my course or not?
I studied Diploma Estate/Property Management - it wasnt my choice thou
but, I manage to get good grades it in

i expect to receive opinions, but, most of it were, perspectives..
'why would u change it?'
'just follow up till degree in the same course'
'what would that course do anyway?'

most of them were filled with negativity
so, i stopped asking for opinions , start thinking by myself
asking my family about it
they asked me to carefully think about it and choose wisely..
since I manage to grad with good grades, dad asked me again whether i'm sure about changing course
i said, yes

it was tough, i got family problems, which leads me to not wanting to pursue degree
it was , such, a heartbroken moment.
after a proper discussion, i went to the interview for Degree. 
interview? knp ada iv?
sbb kos Arts and Design.

about a month wait, i finally got the iv result,
i tell no one
not many of my friends know
I'm tired
of being judge
i dont like judgemental people

i entered Degree Life

Bachelor/Degree of Creative Photomedia in UiTM Puncak Alam

i met new friends, as I was the only Property student that entered AD, i knew no one.
i had a friend from Building course entered Architecture for Degree.
i'm at the same level at STPM students. start over in semester 1. 
meanwhile, my other Property friends already in semester 3 as they continue from Dip in the same course. 
i mind, nothing.

unlike my diploma life, I approach people openly.
I starts conversations, i made friends openly. 
if i wanna join the hangout, I'll speak openly.
i told my friends, if they offend by me, tell me directly, let solve any misunderstandings on the spot
no harm feelings, 
lets be healthy. lets have a healthy relationship.
if u dont like it, tell
for me, i;m not the old me anymore, 
i dont let people lead and decide for me anymore
i will be more bold.

the DIFFERENCES between my Diploma and Degree life are;
; Dip, we have competition, students just want to be more appealing than others, sometimes, they know stuff more but doesnt like sharing it with others, unhealthy kind of competition,
; Degree, i see competition too. its a must. but, i see a healthy kind of competition. they shared their tricks and techniques. they smiles honestly when they find people having the same interest as them, honestly saying "i'll teach you about it" , "lets do it together" , "lets practice together" .
we knows, we need a LOT to survive in this course, so we're helping each other..

to tell u the truth, in my circle, there's only 2 girls of us. the others are boys. in my class, we got 5 girls and the other 13 are boys. 
even just in early semester, we already heard other classes said "we envied of you guys, u get along so well"

the only think i want to avoid, making group circle. 
lets all be friends rather than making circles

we got deadlines, a lot of them, we got to shoot and redo
shoot again, redo again
uncountless time.
i used to say AD is an easy going course, but, now when i feel it, it wasnt true at all
EVERY COURSE and STUDIES in the world, are HARD
dont compare
EVERYONE are trying to SURVIVE
if u think photomedia is easy going, try it
lets see if u know about good composition

i know that they are people that didnt even study in photography but able to have their own business in photography etc, 
thats true..
but, thats nothing wrong in learning properly abt things u loves
i dont judge u
we dont judge u
why did u judge us?
bcause we're useless?

shallow minded people thinks like that
(sorry for rudeness, but thats the truth)

after abt a month of being quiet about my degree, i made a statement and declaration on IG
i received feedbacks , positive ones.
i know they r still negatives ones out there, but whatever

when i first entered Diploma, people asked me, what is EM?
Estate? Ladang? getah? felda?
"no, its property"

now, when i entered Degree in Photomedia, people around me asked again,
"what photomedia do? what did u study, anyway?"
i'm sure the world is vast in modernisation, so,
people, please GOOGLE it
i'm tired of answering
u've grown big, u can think wisely and positively,
support each other, other people..
thats what human do to live in harmony 

i , am a late starter.. but i WILL BLOOM.
i STARTED off being in Matriculation in Accounting, FAILED to continue my Degree ,
RESTART in DIPLOMA of Estate/Property Management, for 3 years
DIDNT continue for DEGREE
RESTART my DEGREE in DIFFERENT course, another 3 years to go..
(where my other Dip coursemate only got 1 half years to grad in Degree)

my high school friends are getting ready to finish their degree..
my matriculation friends are all working by now, getting married and have a stable life where they can support their family,
my diploma friends have already found their path and managed to take short cut in degree...

while me, having so many UTURNS..
if u think ur life is hard? but doesnt feel what/how i feel, my life is HARDER
but, there are people out there are having a much more HARDER life...

Allah knows everything
He planned everything
He trust us, with tests
Should trust HIM too

Friday, March 9, 2018

Eira and her Online Novels

hai dear HeartStars!!

its been a while right?
 i've been busy with my new study life
my degree life
yes! finally! i grabbed the tittle, DEGREE!
 waited for 4 years for this title!

i'm a late starter, but im coming

where did i pursue my study?
i'll tell you once everything is settled down

right now, lets talk about my novels
I am an online novel writer
well, since i writes english novel, and malaysia rarely publish english works, so, 
i had to do it online

my grammar are still lackings but, i'm trying. i'm studying more

still, here are the websites where i usually post my works. 
feel free to visit them and comment on my works. 

 here, in wattpad, you can read a lot of my works.
most of them arent in the final editing yet, but, feel free to read them
 you can click on the WORKS button to see my Novels list

wordpress is the place where i posted my short stories/novels
i think it would be much more interesting for those that doesnt like to read long stories
for this wordpress, click on the 'BLOG' button to see the sequel chapters for my short novels.
you can also check at the right panel for the entries

i thanked everyone that have the free time to read and promote my works to everyone.
but, please do not copy paste my works (plagiarism)

much appreciate for comments

till next time, guys~~

Sunday, December 17, 2017

2018 Intake : Degree Interview @ UiTM Shah Alam

hey guys, hey HeartStar. How are you?!
Its been a while , right?

So, mark the tittle?
Yes! I got called for DEGREE Interview @ UiTM Shah Alam for March 2018 Intake!

what iv? what course? why?
well, i'll tell you everything once i passed the iv. The result is on 9/2/2018~

Okay, before d-day,
I asked for a day-off from my intern place on the Thursday (14/12/17) because me and my family were going to Terengganu to visit my grandparents there. At that time, we still havent decide to stay there for how long.
At Thursday evening, i received a text asking me to check the iv shortlisted. So, I did. I surf UiTM's webpage and click on the 'Semakan Panggilan Temuduga',
I filled in my ic number and wallaahhh! My name is on the list.
I was called for the iv! And guess what , the iv is on Saturday (16/12/17) !!

OMG! in two days? what am i gotta do?
I ss the notice and send it to my family ws group. Dad who didnt follow us to Terengganu didnt reply anything yet. While my mom keep on asking whether I want to go or not.

Honestly, at that time i was blanked. i didnt know that i would get called to the iv session since i am not done with my internship programme yet. plus, my family are having financial issues recently.

i did a lot of research and thinking, if i didnt go for the iv, i might get blacklisted for the course. i asked my sister's opinion and she asked me to postpone my degree and wait for her to finish hers first. this way, we can lighten the family financial a bit. i agree with that opinion but, i will end my degree studies late. and i DONT like that. being left behind by my friends, i hate that.

i have a talk with my mom and she suggested me to just go for it. she told me not to worry abt family financial as she and dad will find a way.
Conclusion, made.

God, i pray to u for their best.

Friday afternoon,
we head home. before that, we stopped by the Pepsi Blue Lake located at Marang, Terengganu. there will be a special entry for this place.
We arrived home after stopping a lot, around 1800 pm.

rushly, me and my sister packed our bags and i settle down my files, cert and documents for the iv. Dad booked two flight tickets for me and sister. We're going to KL right away that night. it was a chaos, to find a recognised stamp, make copies of documents, etc.

I brought along, documents, drawing kits such as 2B pencils and A3 paper.

i had to make an emergency plan, scouting friends that can aid us while in KL.

our flight to KL was at 2310pm that night and we arrived at KLIA2 around 0020am (Saturday/16-12-17)
. Me and my sister met up with Shidah and she took us to her grandma's house for a night stay.

The next morning,
We went straight to UiTM Shah Alam and snce shidah was driving a manual car, it was scary. there are many more courses that are having the iv on that day.

i went into the hall with other candidates as soon as i registered myself.
we listen to a 'talk' first for abt 45minutes and then taken to a studio on the first floor for a drawing session (45 minutes). we were asked to draw a medium that was already set up in the middle of the room (a veil*, chair, table and box) - use own A3 paper and pencil.

the students next to me were all very great. i am sooo doom.

then we were taken to the previous hall for the iv session. we were called one by one accrding to numbers given to us during the registration process earlier of that day.

it was thrilling. the wait. i noticed that most of the students there were all from STPM.

finally, its my turn!
i got a ma'am interviewer and the first thing she asked was for my drawing (that i drew from the drawing session) and all copies of my documents. she clipped them together after a short flipping pages to pages.

'i see that u're good in English and since u got A in SPM and Band (*) in MUET, i want u to speak in english with me. prove ur english skills to me, is that okay?

me - yes (smiles awkwardly bcause everyone else speaks in Malay except me(?))

her - so, tell me abt urself

me - my name is nur athirah bt zulkifle and my friends call me eira. i have only one sibling that is my elder sister and she's waiting outside for me. my parents, both work as a primary school teacher and we are currently living in Kelantan

her - (slips in) u're from kelantan? originally a kelantanese?

me - yes, yes i am

her - u doesnt looks like a kelantanese

me - (lol) yeah, i get that a lot

her - can u tell me why?

me - maybe because i travel to places like when i used to study in Johor and so on

her - true, but u're born and grew up in kelantan. u should at least have even just a bit of the accent. but u dont have any, why?

me - i have no idea where does it come from (lol)

her - (lol) okay, continue..

me - i also loves to travel and would like to takes pictures around the world

her - i see. so, do u have anything to show me , like ur ig. to show me the pictures u've taken before?

me - yes, yes i do (grabbed my phone in the bag)

me - (slowly put the hp on the table as she signalled first) here is my photography and arts ig

her - (look at it) so, where is the fartest place u traveled before? (while scrolling the ig)

me - the furtest for now, would be, Japan.

her - i see. what are ur style of photography?

me - freestyle, nature and kind a bit of the spontaneous style

her - can i ask u, why would u make ur ig customized like this? 3 similar pictures in the same row

me - to make my ig looks more interesting and it is my signature style. it look neat and attractive that way.

her - okay, nice. show me improvement, okay? (give the hp back to me)

me - i definitely will

her - do u have any photographer that u like or admire?

me - its not to that extend but, i have one. (paused) Shafiq Anak Salleh, if u're familiar with him

her - (nods) why?

me - he used to be my coach back then during the MyMoments Camp and he taught me a lot of technics and he commented pictures that i've taken. he gve off these positive vibes and i want to be like him someday

her - (smiles) u like his way of giving out?

me - yes

her - okay. also, u know that this course required a lot of financial supports, right? are u willing to take up the challenge?

(God! She was asking abt the thing that i've been worried so much from the time i was making the decision!! did she just entered my mind?)

me - (Bismillah) yes.

her - okay, good.. Eira, show me improvement, okay?

me - (dont quite understand) (nods anyway)

her - that's it. thank you. see u again~

me - thank you too~ we surely will

[The thing is, she asked me to speak in English while she speaks in Malay to me. Sometimes, I get confuse and almost answer her questions in Malay too!]

so, thats is it!!
end of my iv session on that day and i straigh awy went out to meet my sister. we waited for shidah and had lunch together before shidah dropped us off at KL Sentral.

Me n sis kept our bags at the KL Sentral's locker and went to MidValley for some refreshment. We enjoy our leisure time there and head back to KL Sentral to TBS . for the 9pm bus back to Kelantan.

it was a short tiring packed day at KL. Indeed. First bagpacking with le sister.

yeay~~ hope this trip wont come to waste. InsyaAllah

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jelajah Le.Shots : Hedwig Books & Cafe


Ya Allah, lama nya tak update blog, kan?
Macam mna? Korng sihat?

Okay, without any further due, 
kali ni cik eir nk bt review skit pasal satu cafe y baru2 ni cik eir teroka..
you know about the project y me n my sis bt?
Jelajah Cafe / Cafes Runaway

SweetHeart Cafe, Bold Lab, Arnold Cycling Cafe, Hello Kitty Cafe, adalah antara cafe y cik eir dan along pnah jelajah sbl0m ni. 

Then, project jelajah ni hold , sbb msing2 busy study
and masing2 study jauh2 , 
plus, aktive dgn travel and journey lak. terjebak la dlm VLoging plak

so, let's start

satu hari tu, cik eir ad nmpk gmbr kt dlm IG kwn cik eir. 
she was wearing a wizard robe and it seems so familiar , so cik eir check la 'check-in' dy
harry potter style

'ohhh, harry potter themed cafe'
tros cik eir bka ig official cafe tu , 
IG : hedwigbooks
berDP-kan owl with book symbol and title (Hedwig = Harry Potter's owl)
this cafe is located at : Jalan Raja Perempuan Zainab 2, Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
korng bley je search location dy kt maps..

Landmarks; First floor - Below Laycut Salon
Operating hour; 10.00AM - 10.00OPM

so, lpas usha cafe ni dlm msa sminggu (sbb tgh intern, xjmpa msa nk p)
hujung mnggu, cik eir kuar dgn along - actually, for my ortho app, but..

mnyelam sambil mnum

singgah lak kt cafe tu kjap, utk lunch.
parked kete dpn2 dgn Laycut Salon tu . ada modal lbih bley je cik eir mnyinggah salon..
bkn slalu , but next time la

firstly, was was, sbb nk ke cafe tu, kne naik tngga, utk first floor.. was2 sbb xpnah dtg//
tk0t salah tempat etc, nervous pown hado0
tp branikan diri jgak, cik eir pnjat la tngga tu,
spnjng tngga , akn nmpk lukisan2 symbol/logo houses/rumah (team) dlm citer Harry Potter
logo Gryffindor, Slytherin, etc

pintu ms0k cafe tu kt sblah kiri, kaler merah .. cm pintu pondok tel luar negara
well, kita kan nk p tmpat Harry Potter, ala2 london la skit

mmula cik eir intai je dr luar sbb segan, klau rmai org lg la segan.. dgr suare cm rmai..
tp, branikan jgak ms0k, xde la rmai org sgt..
tyme tu ad group discussion drpd USM
sesi iv apa ntah ..
with owner tmpat tu..
cik eir lak xsmpat nk iv owner cafe tu sbb at first xtaw p0wn dy owner..lol

cik eir ms0k je, tros ke counter, tgk menu
cik eir just order frappe, sbb nk cpt, xnk mkn berat2
(nnt diorng nk ttup sempena solat jumaat)
along je order sandwich ayam

menu dy, interesting. nice sgt
sbb ad signature dish..byk
cakes, sweets, spagetti, coffee
bley dikatakan stakat ni, cik eir observe, every day/week diorng akn ad menu baru
or tkar manu
and all, signature dish, bertema kan wizardly. its interesting..
price, basic ..affordable
cik eir xsempat merasa lg signature dishes diorng sbb yela, tyme tu just ad sandwich, spagetti and air..
mkn smpai lpas jumaat prayer.

me n along gerak ke satu meja hujung corner dkat dgn tingkap and fireplace cafe tu
meja tinggi, krusi tinggi,
kitorng notice,. atas rak kt corner tu ad byk buku n board games
also known as indoor table games
like puzzle, jengga, other board games
so, cik eir pnya impression at that time was like,
'wahh, my kind of style'
cik eir ske cafe y provide facilities mcm ni kt customers..
friendly styles..

kt cafe ni ad a few design of seating place, (table)
so, korng ad byk pilihan nk dduk kt seating mna..
cik eir n along try all seating sbb nk shoot .. lol

this cafe also have a huge, book shelf, kt ctu mcm2 jnis buku ada
not only Harry Potter's books, novel english y lain p0wn ada, novel melayu p0wn ada
bg cik eir, suppose ltak novel Harry Potter (collection) shja bru kena dgn theme..
but, novel HarryPotter xbyk, so can add english novels..

so, ad la skit terlintas, novel melayu mcm xssuai dk kt rak tu skali dgn novel english..
but, it's okay, i dont mind, its their cafe, their preferences.

smpat la cik eir n along shoot kt ctu bt ala2 konvo.. lol
pkai jubah HarryPotter bagai,

ckp pasal jubah HarryPotter,
kt cni ad provide by props utk photoshoot taw,
wizard wand, wizard robe, wizard scarf, HarryPotter's glasses, candles,
mmandangkan cik eir dh sedia ada spek bulat cik eir pnya. cik eir gna y cik eir pnya jela..lg selesa.. lol

check point?
there are a lots of photo check point kt cafe ni,
lencana Hogwards p0wn ada.
sng ckp, layout n setting places cafe ni, kmas n teratur. they got places/point y kter xterlintas
the one y cik eir most anticipated was, platform 9 3/4 .. omg~

korunk jgn la segan2 nk mnx tlg staff kt ctu amblkan gmbr,
diorg lg taw point n pose , angle y ssuai utk snap bg mnampakkan gmbr u all tu lawa
tp, utk cik eir y sshkan nk dipuaskan hati ni, cik eir mnx diorng snap ikut cara cik eir..

agk lma cik eir n along lepak kt cafe ni, sbb nk snap n shoot kt smer sudut dlm cafe ..
bkn sng cik eir n along nk kuar umah utk bt jelajah review ni
every point kt caafe tu , kitorng spent time agk lma just utk shoot,
satu tmpat brp kping gmbr ntah ..

anyway, cik eir attach kan a few photos about this cafe..so check it out..

need enquiry, do comment / email / IG / LINE me at;
IG ; eiraathirah_arts
LINE; eira_haru
YouTube; eiraarie8

thanks ~~

Termenung ku sendiri ..


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Eira : Si Traveloger


nk tiru trademark harry, 
'notice the tittle?'

apesal tulisan lain??
ke x?

sokey, ignore it

anyway, notice the title??
Eira si Traveloger
yes, ak seorng student 
wpun dh 22 thn, but still student
bl0m grad, still diploma
proud to be one
proud to be who i am~

still depend my allowance on my parents
yet i just loves to travel . with them giving me allowance, I collect and save them well
used it to travel ~
when did i start to REALLY like to travel?

since i'm a little kid, my parents like to take me and my sister to places
spent time
bonding session
i was still little yet i manage to go to places and experience a lot of things
thanks to them
they're the ones that taught me knowing places

the time when i really started to like to travel is when i began studying at UiTMSI
i study in diploma estate management / property management
this course needed me to go to places
different places
i found out that Perak got so many interesting places and I believe other places have it too
so, i started to go to places outside of Perak on my own
without my family, with friends

my major travel achievement is going to Japan on my own
without my family, with my friends
from there, i noticed my friends are not only taking pictures but they also record some moments
with their handphones and cameras
 these actions make me feel wanting to do some travelog
not to show off to others about my traveling being - high noses
but, to share with everyone about the wonders in the world that the God created.

like a say;
"go on a journey, see God's creation and share it to the rest of the world"

it's sunnah

i've been wanting to travel overseas since i envied my friends
well, most of them are from a very well-being family
so, they're capable of it
my family is well for being able to live
we're not rich or anything, we're just grateful for who, what and how we are now

after i came back from Japan, i began asking, inviting, suggesting for travel
since after the travel, i made many more friends - same people that went to Japan as well
it was awesome

i am honestly envied them
those that travel overseas -  on their own , without their family
where the hell did they get that much money??

i logically thinks that, maybe i should postpone the desire to travel overseas
I'm no capable
my parents still worried about me wherever i go
they loves us (me and along)  more unusually too much unlike other parents

so i thought, maybe i should try to travel inside of malaysia first
like harry said, conquer the whole malaysia first
so, i ended up strolling and investigating interesting places in malaysia.
bucket list full!!

i even found some hidden gems in malaysia
hidden gems?
the hidden 'pearls' (gems) in malaysia~

as the result, i'll try to conquer all of it first before i start thinking about traveling overseas
let's just call this as an exercise/warming up

wish me luck guys!
i'll update my vlog to u guys~

do visit my youtube channel for the sneak peak of my vlog


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Eira's Japanese Class : Free Admission


for this entry, as mentioned in the title, this entry will be about my Japanese class
did eira went to a japanese class?
(its too expensive)
rather learning it by myself ..huhuh

today, i'll hold a japanese class for everyone! yeay!
sila berikan tepukan!!

krik krik

anyway, most of my friends already know this fact, i love Japan!
I love Jdorama, Jpop, Anime..everything about Japan
since when?

now, my age exceed the total of my fingers already.
(old folks alert)

whenever i go, I'll always blurted out japanese words. randomly. meaningfully.
i never swear in japan
except for using 'kuso!'
dan sewaktu dgnnya..kekeke

mcm mna bley blajar japan sndiri?
since i was little, i got introduce to a japan drama entitle Gokusen by my aunt. 
and everything started there, i googled the actors and actress from the drama and find out one of the hero is a singer. 
Matsumoto Jun from Arashi
from there, i began to listen to Jpop.
began to remember the lyrics and so on
watch anime online as the ones on the TV - lambat sgt nk habis
so, tros tgk smpai habis online..
learned that most (ALL) of my fav anime are from Japan
learned that anime is from Japan!
absurb! but its the truth.

so, i watch every anime in Japanese language with english subs
i learned Japan and English at the same time
good right?

  like i said in old entry, i went to japan (2016, April)
there, i talk in Japan which surprised my friends.
me too, am surprise! lol
i never thought i could speak in japan with japanese
and they understand my words
it was awesome and thrilling
almost like speaking in english with a foreigner and everyone look up at u

my friends did record me talking in japan but, they had to delete it since their memories are full and they wanna take pictures along the trip

recently, i went to KL and met a few japanese there. 
for such a long time i havent talk in japan with japanese before, i did it again

even just a little
it can be more day by day
if i keep on learning

my english ended up being left behind..
grammar and vocab..urghh
did i just... makin teruk in english?

so, if there anyone out there want some more tips from me in learning english and japan, do comment~
or email me via

here is a video of me speaking in japan
its not good 
and its not to the category of 'worst' too
insyaAllah ..
with english translation, i present you the video..

i was too bored waiting and accompanying my aunt working so, i did a vlog of myself in her car..
being extra bored made me do some japan class alone
i just blurted out everything that came to my mind..